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Get the most humorous, the funniest jokes that are circulating the internet. All kinds of comedy and humor including political humor, blonde jokes, redneck jokes, incredible animal antics and outrageous one-liners in your email or twitter. Some of our favorite categories of satire include yo mama jokes, knock knock jokes, limericks and sports humor. Most of our humor is clean, although there may be some PG-13 material. Check out the galleries of hilarious and wacky photos, posters, facebook pics and instagram photos.

  • Check Out the Funniest Photos Online So many hilarious and entertaining photos, wacky bumper stickers, ridiculous street signs, classified ads and crazy celebrity photos. Are you ready for the funniest, craziest bunch of online pics you have ever seen? See the dumbest billboards, strange people pics and unbelievable animal and pet photographs that will have you ROFLOL.
  • Celebrity Jokes Thousands of funny celebrity jokes and stories. Plus we have lots of one-liners and zingers from Jay Leno and David Letterman.

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  • Funny Photos and Pictures These photos are sure to get a chuckle when you see the crazy, whacked out things that people do. Check out the captions on these comedy pictures.

  • Jokes Gallery One of the biggest collections of online jokes available with over 25 categories of humor. You can find here jokes about blondes, men, women, computers, political, religous and many more!


See our huge archive of jokes, humorous photos, silly pics and crazy animal photos that you can browse and share with your friends via social media. Jokes of the day has the best funny jokes and daily humor lists. Want to spice things up and add some variety to the mix? Join a free chat to mingle.

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