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🤣 BEST JOKE OF THE DAY! – Three gal’s go to heaven | Jokes

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    Three gals found themselves at the gates of Heaven, greeted by none other than St. Peter himself.

    He laid down the golden rule of the realm: no stepping on ducks allowed.

    As they entered, they couldn’t help but notice the abundance of quacking companions waddling about.

    Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of the gals accidentally squashed a poor duck beneath her heavenly shoe.

    In a flash, St. Peter appeared with the most atrocious-looking fellow she’d ever laid eyes on, cuffing them together faster than you can say “fowl play.”

    Days passed, and it happened again—another duck squashed, another hideous soul summoned.

    This time, the woman found herself shackled to a man even her nightmares wouldn’t conjure up.

    But the third gal, oh, she wasn’t about to let herself be tethered to a duck debacle. She tip-toed, she shimmied, she swerved—all to avoid any fowl mishaps.

    Months rolled by, and just when she thought she’d outsmarted the system, St. Peter strolled up with the most Adonis-like hunk she’d ever seen, linking them together for eternity.

    Baffled, she turned to him, “What on Earth did I do to deserve this fate?”

    And with a pained look, he replied,

    “Lady, I don’t know about you, but I stepped on a duck.”

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