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🤣 BEST JOKE OF THE DAY! – The man at the bar orders three glasses of craft beer | Jokes

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    A traveler, freshly arrived from the hills of Appalachia to the bustling streets of New York City, saunters into a trendy bar and confidently orders three glasses of craft beer.

    He settles into a cozy corner, taking measured sips from each glass in turn.

    As he finishes the last drops, he returns to the bar and motions for another round of three.

    The bartender, intrigued by the peculiar ritual, leans in and remarks, “You know, the flavor of the brew diminishes after it’s poured. Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to order one at a time?”

    With a twinkle in his eye, the traveler replies, “Ah, but you see, I hail from a family of three brothers. One resides in Tennessee, another in Kentucky.”

    “When we bid farewell to our mountain home, we vowed to honor our bond by sharing a drink together in spirit. So, I indulge in a glass for each of my kin and one for myself.”

    Impressed by the sentimentality, the bartender nods in understanding and leaves the traveler to his tradition.

    Week after week, the traveler becomes a familiar face at the bar, faithfully adhering to his routine of three glasses at a time.

    Then, one fateful day, he strolls in and only requests two glasses.

    A hush falls over the regulars as they observe this departure from the norm.

    When he returns to the bar for the second round, the bartender, with a sympathetic tone, offers his condolences on the assumed loss.

    Perplexed for a moment, the traveler’s face breaks into a grin as he realizes the misunderstanding.

    “Oh, no need for condolences,” he chuckles. “Everyone’s alive and well.”

    He takes a hearty gulp from one of the glasses before continuing, “You see, my wife and I recently joined the local church, and I’ve had to bid farewell to the spirits.”

    He winks mischievously, adding,

    “But don’t you worry, my brothers are still holding up their end of the tradition just fine.”

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