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A doctor puts up a sign in front of his Clinic

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A doctor puts up a sign in front of his Clinic.


The sign reads, if I can cure you, I get $20. If I can’t cure you, I pay you $100.


A lawyer decides that it’s his time to shine, so goes to the doctor. “Doctor, I cant taste anything anymore. Please cure me!”


The doctor tells his nurse to get him some of the medicine from drawer 33.


The lawyer takes a swig, gasps, and spits it out. The lawyer says. “This is gasoline!”


“There you go. $20 please.”


The lawyer pays and leaves, frustrated.


He goes back the next day, determined to succeed. “Doctor, please cure my memory loss.”


“Nurse, fetch some of the medicine from drawer 33!”


“No way!”, the lawyer exclaims, “That’s the same crap you gave me last time!”


“Memory fixed. $20 please.”


The lawyer stomps away, displeased.


The next day, he comes up with a foolproof strategy. “Doctor, I’m blind! Cure me please.”


“I’m sorry, I won’t be able to cure that. Here’s your $100,” he says, handing the lawyer a $5 bill.”


“Wait a second! This is $5, not $100!”


“Blindness cured. $20 please.”

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