A Woman Wearing A Dirty Basketball Jersey Walks Into A Bar Funny Beer Joke  ‣ Jokes Of The Day 

A woman wearing a dirty basketball jersey walks into a bar

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Images (1)  ‣ Jokes Of The Day A woman wearing a dirty basketball jersey walks into a bar.  She lifts her arm, showing everyone her hairy armpit. “Would any of you men like to buy me a beer?” she asks.

One man, who has drunk at least fourteen beers already, says, “I’d like to buy the ballerina a beer!!!”

The bartender says, “Look, sir, I have met many women over the years.  Some were more tomboyish than girly, others more girly than tomboyish, but none as tomboyish as this woman.  For example, she was wearing a basketball jersey. Would a girly girl play basketball?”

“No,” says the drunk. “The jersey was all dirty,” adds the bartender. “Would a girly girl wear such dirty clothes?”

“No,” says the drunk. “She also had hairy armpits,” says the bartender. “Would a girly girl shave her armpits?”

“Yes,” says the drunk. “She also asked for a beer,” says the bartender, “which is in fact, what you would like to buy her. Would a girly girl drink beer?”

“No,” says the drunk. “See what I mean?” says the bartender. “This woman is a tomboyus maximus. And would a tomboy do ballet?”

“No,” says the drunk. “So do you still think she’s a ballerina?” asks the bartender.

“Yes,” replies the drunk. “What makes you think that?” asks the bartender.

And the drunk answers… “Who else could lift her leg up that high?”

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