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The Woman’s Husband had a propensity for eating Dog food – The punchline with make you laugh!

    A married lady goes to her doctor for her annual checkup and everything is good.

    In her conversation at the end of all the tests and examination with the doctor she expressed a concern about her husband.

    “As you know I raise champion golden retrievers and one evening I was making their food. I had a big pot on the stove simmering and my husband came home and got a big ladel full and ate it.”

    I told him it was for the dogs but he said it was delicious and insisted that is what he wanted for dinner that night. Well I make the dogs food every week and every time I make a new batch my husband eats it for dinner. I’m concerned about him eating the dogs’ food.”

    The doctor proceeded to ask her what was in the dog’s food and how it was prepared.

    After she describes in detail the ingredients and the preparation the doctor finally says, “I don’t think there is anything that can hurt him. I wouldn’t encourage him to eat it, but it sounds safe enough to eat.”

    A year goes by and the woman goes back to the doctor for her annual checkup.

    As was standard procedure the doctor sits down with the woman and discusses the test results.

    As he is going through her file he sees a note from the previous year regarding her husband’s propensity to eat the dog food made by her.

    He asks her, “So is your husband still eating the dog food you prepare?”

    She replies, “Oh, no, doctor, my husband died.”

    The Doctor gasps, “Oh my lord I’m so sorry. It wasn’t because of the dog food was it?”

    “Well, not directly, no,” she replies.

    The Doctor ponders, “Not directly? What happened?”

    “Well,” the lady said in a very sad and grief stricken voice,…

    “He got hit by a car when he was sitting in the middle of the road licking his balls.”

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