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The farmer calls the vet about his prized bull not wanting to mate

    A farmer spends $7,000 on a young registered Black Angus bull to mate with his cows.


    He puts the bull out with the herd, but the animal just eats grass.  He won’t even look at the cows.


    The farmer feels cheated, so he brings in the local vet to check out the bull.


    The bull is very healthy, the vet explains, but possibly just a little young.  So he gives the farmer pills to feed the bull once per day.  It will help with his urge to mate.


    After a few days, the bull starts to service a few cows, and within a week, every cow on the farm.


    The bull even breaks through the fence and breeds with all of the neighbor’s cows.


    He turns into a mating machine.  A friend of the farmer asks exactly what the vet gave the bull to cause such a drastic change.


    “I don’t know exactly what was in those pills,” the farmer says.


    “All I can tell you is they work and they taste like peppermint.”

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