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Funny Joke: The Wife is shocked when she sees four feet hanging off the end of their bed

    One night, a wife comes home late from a night out with the girls.

    She assumes her husband will already be in bed, so she quietly opens the door to their bedroom.

    She’s shocked and enraged when she sees four feet instead of two, hanging off the end of the bed.

    She remembers seeing her husbands golf clubs just inside the front door, so she quickly retrieves one and angrily begins hitting the sheet as hard as she can.

    Leaving the covered bodies groaning, she heads to the kitchen for a drink to calm her nerves.

    As she enters, she sees her husband sitting at the table, drinking a coffee and reading a magazine.

    He looks up from his reading and says, “Hi, sweetheart, your parents have come to visit us,…”

    “I let them stay in our bedroom,…”

    “Did you say hello yet?”

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