Funny Joke: She was sick of her sleazy boss and decided to start her own business

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Jenny, who was rather tired of putting up with her rude and nasty co-workers and sleazy boss, decided to start her own business.

After settling in, she decides to message her friend.

“Kate,” she wrote, “I finally left my old crappy job and started my own business!”

Happy to hear this news, Kate orders a bouquet of flowers to send to Jenny’s new location.

The next day, a bouquet of flowers shows up at the office with a tag attached that says, “Rest In Peace.”

Confused, Jenny calls up Kate and asks if she sent those flowers.

Kate explained that there must have been a mix-up at the florist, as her note said something entirely different.

Being rather annoyed, Kate calls the florist where she ordered the flowers from.

“We’re so sorry,” said the lady on the other end. “We know you’re upset but you need to understand something,”…

“We’re also trying to deal with a funeral at the other side of town that just got a bouquet of flowers that says,”…

“It’s about time you left those shitheads behind – enjoy your new freedom!”

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