Funny Joke: He offers $200 for her to drop the towel

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Early one morning, a young newlywed couple’s doorbell rings.

She’s the only one up, but she’s just getting ready for a shower.

“Damn!” She says as she wraps a big towel around herself and rushes to the door.

It’s her husband’s best friend Bill.

Upon seeing her in a towel, he blushes and sheepishly asks,

“Is your husband home?”

“He is, but he’s still sleeping.”

“Oh.” An awkward silence follows.

Bill looks around to see if anyone is within sight, and leans in a little closer.

He quietly says, “I will give you $200. Right now, if you drop that towel.”

He holds 2 hundred dollar bills in his hand.

She’s initially taken aback, but considers for a few moments.

As a newlywed couple just starting out, they could really use that money.

She rolls her eyes and drops the towel.

Bill’s eyes linger over every inch of her naked body before he gives her the money and leaves.

Her husband, bleary-eyed, comes downstairs.

“Who was that?” he asks.

Nervously, she answers, “Oh, it was just your friend Bill.”

“Hey great!” he exclaims,…

“Did he give you the $200 he borrowed from me yesterday?”

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