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Jokes Of The Day | Funny Joke about three officers discussing intimacy

    A bunch of high-ranking officers were gathered, musing over the effort-to-pleasure ratio of intimate encounters.

    The young lieutenant starts off with, “I’d say making love is a blast – about 80% enjoyment and only 20% effort.”

    The captain counters, “Hmm, it’s not that effortless. My take is it’s more like 60% delight and 40% labor.”

    The major jumps in, “You’re both off the mark. It’s certainly heavy lifting. In my view, it’s 20% pleasure and a whopping 80% toil.”

    As they debated, a private strolled past the room.

    Curious, the officers beckon him into the debate and lay out their musings, eager for his perspective.

    Quick as a flash, the private asserts, “Sirs, in my experience, it’s absolutely 100% joy.”

    Perplexed, one officer asks, “That’s quite a bold statement. How did you arrive at that figure?”

    With a grin, the private responds, “If there was even a shred of effort involved, I’m sure I’d be the one ordered to do it for you folks!”
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