Funny Joke: A ventriloquist is doing his ‘blonde joke show’ at a club when he is interrupted

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At a small club in the mid-west, a ventriloquist is doing his show.

His show includes a whole stream of jokes about blonde stupidity.

After about a dozen of the blonde jokes, a blonde woman yells out,

“That’s it. I’ve had enough of your cheesy comedy. I’m tired of being stereotyped by lousy comedians like you.”

“All you can do is make fun of people’s appearance. What does someone’s looks have to do with her worth?”

“I’m fed up with being laughed at because of the color of my hair, and people at work thinking I’m stupid because idiots like you perpetuate a hurtful, denigrating stereotype.”

“You’re an insult to blondes everywhere.”

The room is silent for a minute, then the entertainer tries to explain.

But before he can get two words out, the blonde says,

“Shut up mister. This is between me and that midget on your lap.”

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