Funny Joke: A man goes to a golf course and tells the club pro he's taught a gorilla to play golf

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A man goes to a golf course and tells the club pro he’s taught a gorilla to play golf.

The club pro is understandably skeptical, until he glances outside and sees a gorilla holding a golf club.

“The way he drives the ball,” the man says, mimicking a huge swing. “Just amazing.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” the pro replies.

The man tells the pro, “I’ll bet you fifty dollars right now he can beat you.”

After giving this some thought, the pro decides he could use an easy fifty bucks.

They shake hands on it, and the three of them head out to the first hole together.

The pro tees up first.

He winds up and drives the ball almost three hundred yards down the fairway.

He grins briefly as the man sets a tee and ball for the gorilla.

The gorilla approaches the ball and swings, launching a missile right down the center of the fairway, over four hundred yards.

The ball lands on the green, five yards from the hole.

Flabbergasted, the pro is speechless.

As they walk down the fairway together, the man says to the pro, “Look bud, I don’t want to waste your time or cause any embarrassment in front of anyone else out here, you know? You want to just slip me the fifty bucks and we’ll call it good?”

Seeing a painful and shameful loss in his immediate future, the pro reluctantly agrees and forks over the money.

As they’re leaving the pro says, “Hey, just since I’m curious, how’s his putting?”

“Oh,” the man says, mimicking a huge swing,…

“Absolutely awful.”

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