Funny Joke: A blind man went into a posh restaurant for lunch, and used this neat trick to order

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A blind man went into a local posh restaurant to order lunch.

“Menu sir?” asked the owner, as he rolled his eyes.

“I’m blind, just bring me some of your dirty forks. I will smell them and then order.”

The annoyed owner went to the kitchen to retrieve some unwashed forks, then returned to the blind man.

The blind man smelt the forks one by one, with a deep breath of each, “Yes, I will have the lamb with seasoned potatoes and spring vegetables.”

“Unbelievable!” scoffed the owner.

The blind man ate and left.

A few weeks later the blind man returned.

The owner, remembering the previous encounter, and being quite the jackass, quickly went to the kitchen where his wife Kate was cooking and said,

“Hey Kate, stick this fork down your panties and rub it all over your butt!”

Thinking it weird, Kate went ahead and did it anyway.

The man adds it to the mix of dirty forks, then goes back to the blind man and hands them to him.

The blind man takes them, breathes them all in one by one, then says,

“I’ll take the Grilled Fish and Salad today please, then adds,”…

“I never knew Kate worked here. Tell her I said Hi and I’ll see her tonight!”

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