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Funny Humor: The man explains his “gorilla hunting technique” to his friend

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A man goes off to Africa gorilla hunting with a hunter friend.


They leave in the morning with handcuffs, a vicious looking dog, and a rifle.


Upon arriving to a tree where a gorilla is perched, the hunter tells his friend his technique,…


“I will go up that tree stealthily, like a ninja, and push the gorilla off his branch.  As soon as he hits the ground, the dog will bite him on the balls in an iron vice like grip.  When the gorilla raises his hands to hit the dog, that’s when you cuff him and he’ll be captured.”


His friend says, “OK, but what’s the rifle for then?”


To which the hunter answers,…


“If the gorilla manages to push me out of the tree – shoot the dog!”

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