Funny (dirty) Joke: A lumber mill places an ad for an assistant wanted – what happens is hilarious

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A lumber mill posts an ‘Assistant Wanted’ ad for a lumber inspector and receives only one application.

When they call the prospective employee in for an interview, they realize he is an elderly man who is very clearly blind.

The manager is skeptical that a blind man could be a lumber inspector, but after some convincing by the blind man, the manager decides to give him a quick test to see if he would be a good fit.

A couple of employees usher in some lumber.

The blind man leans towards it and gives two long sniffs.

“This is good lumber!” he remarks. “2 x 6 pine board, cut to stud length of 93″, no extreme warps or bows, this is a good board. Send it down the line.”

The manager is quite surprised but still skeptical.

The employees usher in more wood.

Again the blind man sniffs it.

“Lets see, this is a punky old birch log that has been sawed in half. Its not fit for lumber, this will never pass. Please dispose of this.”

The manager is now very impressed. He is feeling a little mischievous now and wants to see if he can stump the blind man.

He decides to play a prank.

He ushers in‍ his secretary and she faces the would-be inspector and lifts up her skirt.

He leans in and sniffs.

Quite perplexed, he asks for the “board” to be rotated.

The secretary turns around, and he leans in for another whiff.

A smirk crosses his face and he says,

“You guys are trying to trick me! This isn’t milled lumber,”…

“It’s a shit-house door from a tuna boat!”

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