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A Man Finds A Magic Lamp And Makes A Wish

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A young woman was out walking her dog.


As she was walking through a lovely park, she noticed a sad man sitting on a bench.


Next to him, there was a very tiny person playing a tiny piano.  The woman got quite curious, and decided to approach and ask what was going on.


She said, “Hello, what a cute little musician you’ve got there.  Where did you find him?”


The man replied, “I met a genie who told me that I could make a wish, any wish.”


“Really?!?” the woman asked. “Where did you find him?”


“I came upon this lamp while I was vacationing in Egypt,” the man said, and pulled out a small lamp out of his backpack.


The woman was getting really excited. “Wow! Can I try it?”


“Sure, but wait-”


The man didn’t have time to complete his sentence before the woman had grabbed the lamp and rubbed it vigorously.


A genie appeared and said in a booming voice, “You are hereby granted one wish.  Choose well!”


The man tried to interject, “Now wait just a-” but the woman instantly blurted out “I wish for a million bucks!”


Suddenly, one million ducks appeared around them.  The noise from all the quacking around them was deafening.


The genie bowed and disappeared into the lamp.


The woman said, “Awh shoot. I wished for a million bucks, not a million ducks.  You know what, I think your genie’s hard of hearing.”


The man replied, “You’re telling me… Do you really think I wished for a 12 inch pianist?”

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