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😁 FUNNY JOKES 😁 – Two men were out hiking and discover a bottomless hole…

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    Two friends, John and Dave, were hiking in the mountains when they stumbled upon a deep hole.

    Curious, they looked inside and couldn’t see the bottom. They decided to toss a rock in to gauge the depth. They listened… and never heard it hit the bottom.

    John said, “Wow, that’s really deep! We should find something bigger to throw down there.”

    So, they spotted a huge log nearby and carried it over to the hole. Together, they heaved it in.

    While waiting to hear a sound, they noticed a goat charging toward them at full speed. The goat zipped right past them and dove headfirst into the hole.

    Shocked, the friends couldn’t believe what they just witnessed.

    Moments later, a farmer came over, looking distraught. He asked the friends, “Have you seen my goat around here?”

    John replied, “Well, funny you ask. A goat just ran by and jumped into that hole over there!”

    The farmer exclaimed, “That’s impossible! I had that goat tied to a huge log!”

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