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Young couple gets banned from church for having sex

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A young newlywed couple was planning their future together, and soon they realized that they wanted to join a church.


They went to their local church and asked how to join and take part in church life.


The pastor told them, “We have special requirements for new parishioners.  You must abstain from having sex for two weeks, to show that you are serious about your faith.”


The couple agreed and came back at the end of two weeks.


The pastor asked them, “Well, were you able to get through the two weeks without being intimate?”


“Pastor, I’m afraid we were not able to go without sex for the two weeks,” the young man replied.


“What happened?” inquired the pastor.


“My wife was reaching for a can of corn on the top shelf and dropped it. When she bent over to pick it up, I was overcome with lust, lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and took her right then and there.”


“You understand, of course, that this means you will not be welcome in our church,” stated the pastor.


“I understand,” said the young man, “We’re not welcome at the grocery store anymore either.”


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