Three Irish fellows would meet at a bar every day after work

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Three Irish fellows would meet at a bar every day after work for a pint of Guinness and a shot of Jameson.


Same time everyday at the same bar. This went on for years and as time went on the bond between these three men grew into something like a brotherhood.


Then one day as they were having their after work drinks, two of the fellows seemed really down. That’s when one of the friends announced that he was moving to the USA for a job opportunity. Then the second fellow announces that he is moving to South Africa, also for a job opportunity.


All three men, now really sad about the fact that their group will be splitting up, decide to make a pact. Every day after work, each man will go into a bar and order 3 pints and 3 shots in remembrance of their brotherhood.


After months of this tradition one day the lad that has stayed in Ireland walks into the bar and orders only 2 beers and 2 shots.


The bartender who’d known of the 3 friends and their tradition became worried. So he asked “is everything OK bud? Did you have a falling out with one of your friends? Did someone die?”


To which the Irishman responded,


“No, they are fine. I’ve just quit drinking”

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