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The pastors Wife gets a shock

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Dam fish funny joke  ‣ Jokes Of The Day 

A pastors wife goes to the fish market.

She’s looking to make fillets for dinner and asks the guy behind the counter for a suggestion.


“I’d recommend this right here, ma’am. It’s new to the market.”


“What kind of fish is it?” She asks.


“It’s dam fish, ma’am.”


The pastors wife abruptly says. “How dare you use that kind of language around a Pastors wife!”


The guy behind the counter calms her down and says. “No, no ma’am. This is a new breed of fish that live down at the local roller dam. So we call it Dam fish.”


The pastors wife understands, buys 3 fillets, and heads home to start cooking. As she’s cooking the pastor comes home and says.


“Something smells delicious hunny! What are ya cooking!?”


The wife says. “Dam Fish.”


The pastor freaks out and says. “I cannot believe I’m hearing profanity out of a pastors wife! How dare you!”


The pastors wife calms her husband down and says. “No, no honey! The man at the market told me this is a new breed of fish found at the local roller dam.  So they call it Dam fish.”


The pastor understands and apologizes. The wife then calls their son down to eat.


The pastor starts to load up his plate and says. “This is a fine looking meal honey.  Could you pass me some of that Dam fish.”


The son lights up! Slaps his dads back and says. “That’s the spirit Dad! While your at it Mom, pass me the f***ing potatoes!”

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