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Old Ed Has A Secret To Share

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Nearing the end, old Ed is surrounded by his loved ones.


As the final moment approaches, he gathers all his strength and whispers, β€œI must tell you my greatest secret.”


His family members are all ears, urging him to go on.


β€œWhen I was young, I had it all,” explains Ed. β€œFast cars, cute girls, and plenty of money.Β  But a good friend warned me, β€˜Get married and start a family.Β  Otherwise, no-one will be there to give you a glass of water to drink when you’re on your deathbed.’


So I took his advice.Β  I traded the girls for a wife, beer for baby food.Β  I sold my Ferrari and invested in college funds.


And now here we are.Β  And you know what?”


β€œWhat?” whispered the fascinated members of his family.


β€œI’m not even god damn thirsty!”


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