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Man makes a bet with a hot young barmaid

    Hot young barmaid cartoon

    Life is way more rewarding when you live in the moment and seize any opportunity that you see…

    … this is one such story.


    67 year old Mickey was in the bar having a drink, and he couldn’t help but notice the young and sexy barmaid.


    Mickey slapped a ten-dollar bill on the bar and said, “I bet I can keep an eye on this drink while I go to the bathroom.”


    The barmaid knew that the bathroom was around the corner, so she accepted the bet.


    Mickey took out his glass eye, placed it beside the drink and went to the bathroom.


    When he returned, Mickey wanted to make another bet with the barmaid, “I bet you I can bite my own ear.”


    The bet was again accepted for ten dollars. Mickey took out his false teeth and nipped his ear.


    “Okay,” he said, “I’ll give you a chance to get your money back. I bet I can make love to you so tenderly that you won’t feel a thing.”


    Now that was one thing the barmaid definitely knew about, so she again accepted the bet.


    They went into the back, and Mickey lifted her skirt.


    Halfway into the act, the barmaid giggled, “I can feel you! I won the bet!”


    “Oh well,” said Mickey, “you win some, you lose some!”

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