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The Man Was Distraught That His Wife Was Missing

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The Case of the Missing Wife


Moishe goes into a police station to report that his wife Rebecca is missing.


Moishe: “I’ve lost my wife. She went shopping yesterday and has still not come home.”


Sergeant: “How tall is she, sir?”


Moishe: “I think she’s 5 foot something.”


Sergeant: “And what about her build?”


Moishe: She’s not slim, but she’s not fat either.”


Sergeant: “What color are her eyes sir?”


Moishe: “Um… I can’t remember.”


Sergeant: “And what about the color of her hair?”


Moishe: “It changes all the time depending on what hairdresser she goes to.”


Sergeant: “What clothes was she wearing when you last saw her?”


Moishe: “I don’t know. It could have been a blue dress. Or maybe a black one. I don’t remember exactly.”


Sergeant: “When she left to go shopping did she go by car?”


Moishe: “Yes she did.”


Sergeant: “And what is the make of the car?”


Moishe: “It’s a high performance 560 HP Audi in a very special silver grey metallic paint. It has 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission and a 6.35 litre V12 engine generating at least 460 HP. It has the Z51 Super Performance Package; larger than normal alloy wheels; GT bucket seats; Satellite Navigation with world-wide coverage, and Direct Injection. It also unfortunately has a very thin scratch on the front left door. And… ”


At this point, Moishe starts to cry.


Sergeant: “Don’t worry sir. We’ll find your car.”

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