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Her Grandma was concerned about her date with a young man

    Grandma is seeing that her grandchild, a young woman, is getting ready to go out, dressing up nicely and being all nervous.


    So she asked her grandchild about her plans.


    “Why, I am going out on my first date with a handsome young fella, Grandma! I am so excited!”


    The Grandma raised her eyebrows, shook her head and said with a concerned voice: “My child, watch yourself – all men are the same! He will take you out for drinks, he will give you sweet compliments, touch your hand, caress your hair and buy you another drink.  Then he’ll bring you to his place, just for a coffee and to listen to music, so he’ll say – yet he’ll give you another drink, blow softly in your ear, tug at your dress strap and before you know you’ll be undressed – he’ll jump you and dishonor your entire family!”


    “Oh Grandma, don’t be so dramatic!” the young woman exclaimed, and off she went.


    The next day, the young woman went to find her Grandma excitedly. “Grandma! Grandma, you were right, all men are the same!”


    “Oh no dear, what happened?!” the Grandma exclaimed.


    The young woman went “Oh Grandma, it was like you said – He took me out for drinks, he gave me the sweetest compliments, touched my hand, caressed my hair and bought me another drink. Then he brought me to his place, just for a coffee and to listen to music, or so he said – yet he gave me another drink, blew softly in my ear, tugged at my dress strap and before I knew I was undressed.”


    The Grandma gasped.


    “But Grandma, don’t worry, because right then – I jumped on HIM and dishonored HIS entire family!”

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