Funny Joke: When in college I met this girl and we became so intimately close

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When I was in college, I met this girl who was from Michigan and we became so intimately close but in a friendly platonic kind of way.

I was from Florida so I knew nothing about cold weather.

As the weather started to get colder, she took me out shopping and picked out clothes for me.

We became closer and closer, of course always treating each other as friends, but everybody could see that we felt a lot more for each other.

Everyone in our dorm would talk about it when we weren’t around, “Will they or won’t they?”

The connection between us was so strong that we could finish each other sentences and sometimes we didn’t even need to exchange a word.

We just knew what each other was thinking.

Unfortunately, the one thing we couldn’t communicate about was the feelings we had for each other.

Then, after the semester was almost over, she was talking about how beautiful the winter was up in Michigan.

I was still struggling to deal with the colder weather and driving all the way up to Michigan meant things getting even colder, but I didn’t care because I knew the cold would mean chances for us to get closer.

So instead of me going home for winter break we decided I would drive her home to Michigan.

There wasn’t any snow on the roads yet, but after a few hours it was getting noticeably colder outside and the only vent that seemed to work in my car was in the very middle.

So we both keep putting our hands in the middle of the car and our hands kept touching by accident.

At this point, she hadn’t said a word to me of her intentions, even though it was so painfully obvious, when looking back, how much she wanted me and how much I wanted her.

But neither of us had the courage to just come out and say it.

Finally, as we crossed the border and into Michigan and I was starting to get some cramps from sitting so long.

I adjusted my position and my right arm just sort of fell across her thigh.

I could feel her trembling at the touch but I thought at first it was just from the cold.

My mind is racing as I was thinking,…

“Oh my God I’m actually touching her leg. Is she going to freak out? What is she going to say? Am I ruining our friendship?”

But she didn’t say a word.

I was so terrified that the moment may end when she realized where my hand was.

I stayed completely motionless.

As we passed Detroit and were getting close to her hometown, she started shifting around in her seat, and it caused my hand to slide up her thigh.

I remember my heart pounding, wondering how she was going to react, but she just seemed like she was sleeping.

Finally, as we neared her exit, she just sort of leaned over on my shoulder.

With that, my hand slid even higher up her thigh.

My entire arm was trembling and I could feel her warmth.

Then, she whispered in my ear,…

“You know, you can keep going further if you want…”

So I drove to Canada.

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