Funny Joke: Two statues are brought to life by a wizard to fulfil their naughty desires

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There are two statues in the park, 9 feet apart.

A handsome young man and a beautiful young woman, staring at each other longingly, but helpless to move to fulfill their shared desire.

One day a benevolent wizard is walking through the park and sees them.

Taken with pity he does some wizard stuff and brings them to life.

Filled with joy, they jump off their pedestals, rush into each other’s arms, and dash into the shrubbery.

There is great squealing in joy, giggling, and thrashing of the bushes.

Eventually they emerge from the bushes, hand in hand.

The woman smiles at the man.

She says, “That was great, want to do it again?”

“Absolutely,” the man replies,…

“This time I’ll hold the pigeon and you poop on it.”

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