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FUNNY JOKE: To his dismay, she invited him inside to meet her parents, an offer he couldn’t refuse

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    There was a man, bursting with excitement for his cinema date with a charming lady, who unfortunately underestimated the repercussions of devouring an entire can of beans beforehand.

    Feeling the ominous rumble as he picked her up, he clung to the hope of enduring until they reached the theater.

    Once there, he offered to fetch popcorn and Coke, secretly planning an escape to the lavatory.

    Alas, the queue thwarted his plan, forcing him back to the theater with treats in hand and a growing sense of urgency.

    Post-movie, the bathroom once again presented an imposing line.

    Opting to brave it out, he proceeded to escort her home.

    To his dismay, she enthusiastically invited him inside to meet her parents, an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    As they sat for dinner, his situation became dire.

    In a desperate bid for subtlety, he tried to stealthily expel the gas, hoping the blame would fall on Duke, the dozing family dog beneath his chair.

    The father cried out “Duke!” after each suspicious sound, much to the man’s relief.

    Yet, the final eruption was catastrophic, shaking the room with its ferocity, not to mention the hideous odor.

    The father, in a mix of concern and urgency, implored,

    “Duke, get the hell out from under him before he shits on you!”
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