Funny Joke: The mall manager was concerned as all three shops for rent got men's wear as tenants

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A mall manager has three spaces to rent, all in a row.

A prospective lessee by the name of Bruce shows up and says he wants to rent the space on the left for a men’s wear shop.

“That’s fine,” the mall manager says. “You get free signage; what do you want on the sign?”

“Men’s Wear,” says Bruce.

A second guy, named Albert, comes along and asks to rent the right hand space for his gentleman’s formal wear business.

When asked, he wants “Men’s Wear” on his sign.

The mall manager tells him that the left hand shop will also have the same sign.

“No problem,” says Albert.

Finally a third man, named Herman, comes along to rent the middle space.

The manager is somewhat concerned, because this guy also has a men’s wear shop.

The manager explains that the shops on either side of his are both men’s wear, and that’s what their signs say.

He then asks Herman what he wants on his sign.

Herman chuckles and replies,


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