Funny Joke: One Sunday morning, the pastor made his way to the rural church in a blizzard

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One Sunday morning in December, the pastor slowly made his way to the rural church in the middle of a blizzard, arriving with just five minutes to spare.

He walked in, turned on the lights and looked around.

No one else was there.

As he was about to turn everything off and go back home, an old farmer walked in, covered in snow.

The pastor said, “Oh hello, Joe. Looks like nobody else could make it. I guess we won’t have a service today.”

The old farmer looked at him for a few seconds and said, “Well, Reverend, I know I am just an old farmer, but I can tell you this…”

“If I take a load of hay out to the field to feed my cattle, and only one cow shows up, I still feed it.”

The pastor, embarrassed, said, “Of course. You are right. I will go get ready.”

So the pastor started the service and, being inspired by the farmer’s faith and dedication, preached fervently for a full 2 hours.

When the service was over the pastor went over to the farmer and said, “So Joe, I hope you enjoyed today’s sermon.”

The old farmer looked at him, shook his head and said,

“Reverend, if I go out to feed the cattle, and only one cow shows up, I still feed it,”…

“But I sure don’t give it the whole bloomin’ load.”

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