Funny Joke: One day, there was a competition between heaven and hell

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One day, there was a competition between heaven and hell.

The angels in heaven all went head-to-head with various demons from hell.

There were archery tournaments, jousting, sword fighting – even tug of wars.

After several days of intense battles and challenges – the scores were tied.

God decided that Jesus would face-off against the devil on their ability to use computers – the winner would decide the outcome of the competition.

After six long hours of making spreadsheets, designing web pages and writing programs, a thunderstorm suddenly knocked the power out.

When they rebooted their computers, Satan started screaming,

“It’s all lost. LOST! All my work is damn gone!”

Meanwhile, Jesus quietly printed out all his work, and turned it in.

Satan complained, “It’s not fair. He must have cheated. How come he didn’t lose his work, too?”

God just smiled and said,

“Jesus saves.”

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The original joke was submitted by: @tiggywinkle1000

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