Funny Joke Of The Day: I was on my dating app and swiped on a girl with no pic – I sure got lucky

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So I was on my dating app, and I swiped right on a girl without a picture, and we matched.

So after a brief chat I went to go pick her up.

I wasn’t expecting much, probably 300 pounds with bad skin – but hey, I was so desperate it was this or join an internet chatroom.

I walked up to the door and holy smokes – a 5’2″, baby blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, all the right curves in all the right places.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

I asked her what she did for a living.

She said she taught sunday school.

Now, I never had me a Christian girl before, but I’m open minded so I took her to dinner.

On the way, I lit a joint and asked her if she puffs.

“Oh heaven’s no, what would I tell my Sunday school children?!”

I said okay, weed’s 50/50 some people do some people don’t.

So I took her to the best restaurant I knew.

I ordered the steak, she ordered the lobster.

I then asked for the second-most expensive bottle of wine on the menu.

When the waitress came to pour, she said she didn’t drink.

I said, “You don’t drink?!”

She replied, “Oh heaven’s no, what would I tell my Sunday school children?!”

The food was excellent, the conversation was sparkling – but I’m bummed out, I don’t know what to do with a girl like this.

So I’m driving her home and pass a cheap motel – I figure, what have I got to lose.

So I ask, “Wanna get a room and fool around?”

She winks, “I thought you’d never ask!”

I say, “Really? What are you gonna tell your Sunday school children?”

She smiles and says, “The same thing I tell them every week,”…

“You don’t have to drink and do drugs to have a good time!”

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