Funny Joke: Little Johnny Unexpectedly Farts In The Sandbox

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One day little Johnny was sitting in the sandbox with his crush, Sally.

As they are playing, Johnny let’s out a little fart causing the smallest little puff of sand.

Embarrassed, Johnny starts to apologize.

Before he has the chance, Sally interupts him proclaiming,

“That was amazing, how did you do that?”

Johnny replies, “Oh I don’t know, it just kind of happened.”

They continue to play, however Sally kept pestering Johnny to teach her.

Finally succumbing, Johnny tells her she should just try pushing.

Sally tries and tries, to no avail.

Johnny tells her to push with all her might.

Sally then pushes with all she’s got and suddenly there an explosion, Sally flies one way, Johnny flies the other, sand goes everywhere and both are knocked out!

Dazed, Johnny wakes up first.

He stumbles over to Sally and lifts up her dress.

“Just as I thought,” he exclaims,…

“Dual exhaust.”

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