Funny Joke: Little Johnnie Explains How He Got a Black Eye in Church – it's really quite funny

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Kevin is walking down the street and he sees Little Johnnie with a black eye.

He asks him what happened.

Little Johnnie says, “Well I was in church…”

Kevin interrupts, “Church! How do you get hurt in church?”

Little Johnnie explains, “Well, I was sitting behind Katie, and after a while, what with all the standing, sitting and kneeling, I noticed she had developed a wedgie.”

“Now me being a nice young man, I pulled it out for her.”

“She turned around and whacked me.”

Kevin shakes his head, “I cant believe you did that,” and continues walking.

A week later he sees Little Johnnie again and he has another black eye.

He asks him what happened this time and Little Johnnie responds, “Well I was in church again…”

Kevin explodes, “CHURCH AGAIN? How do you keep getting hurt in church?!”

Little Johnnie explains, “Well, I was sitting behind Katie again and…”

Kevin blurts out, “Don’t tell me you did it again?!”

Little Johnnie shakes his head, “I did not, but after all of the standing, sitting, and kneeling, I noticed the wedgie again…”

“This time her sister was with her, and she pulled it out for her.”

“Now, I know she doesn’t like that,”…

“So I pushed it back in.”

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