Funny Joke: His Tinder date suggested he play with her little dog until she finished getting ready

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Paul got off the elevator on the 40th floor and nervously knocked on his Tinder date’s door.

She opened it, and was as beautiful and charming as her profile had said.

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes,” she said.

“Why don’t you play with Rollo while you’re waiting,” she indicated the little dog sitting at her feet.

“He does wonderful tricks.”

“He rolls over, shakes hands, sits up, and if you make a hoop with your arms, he’ll jump through.”

Rollo followed Paul onto the balcony, and started rolling over.

Rollo then shook Paul’s hand.

Rollo sat up when Paul motioned for him to do so.

Paul then made a hoop with his arms, and Rollo jumped through… straight over the balcony railing.

A few moments later, as Paul was leaning over the balcony looking down at what remained of Rollo, his date walked out.

She said, “Isn’t Rollo the cutest, happiest dog you’ve ever seen? By the way, where is he?”

Continuing to look down, Paul replied,

“To tell you the truth,”…

“Rollo seemed a little depressed to me.”

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