Funny Joke: An old man, Jesus, and Moses were all playing golf

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An old man, Jesus, and Moses were all playing golf.

Moses steps up to the tee, takes his swing and, kerplunk!

The ball landed right in the water drift.

The two men groan when all of a sudden Moses raises his hands high in the air, the water parts, and he walks through the separation, takes his swing and makes the hole on the second shot.

The other two men applaud, as Jesus steps up to the tee.

Taking his swing, the ball plunks into the water ahead.

Moses’ and the old man’s groaning halt though, when Jesus walks on top of the water to just above the ball.

Taking his swing below the water surface, he hits the hole on the second swing.

The old man steps up to the tee and takes his swing, but just as the ball is about to land in the water, a large fish jumps up and swallows the ball.

Then, just before the fish is about to dive back into the water, a mighty eagle swoops down and grabs the fish, soaring off into the sky.

Suddenly a lightning bolt flashes through the sky, almost hitting the eagle.

The eagle drops the fish, the fish lands about four foot away from the hole.

As the fish hits the green, the ball pops out of it’s mouth, and rolls into the hole, making it a hole in one.

Just then Jesus spins around, hands on his hips and yells,

If you’re going to show off, we won’t play golf with you again Dad!

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