Funny Joke: A man is praying and gets trolled by God

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A man is praying to god, and asking him questions – God’s final reply is brutal!

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πŸ‘‡πŸΎ THE JOKE πŸ‘‡πŸΎ
A man is praying in church.

He looks up to heaven and says, β€œGod, could you answer a question for me?”

β€œOf course, my son,” says God, β€œWhat would you like to know?”

β€œGod, what is a million years to you?”

β€œWell,” says God, β€œA million years to me is as a second.”

β€œHmm,” says the man. β€œI guess I understand.”

β€œSo what is a million dollars to you then?”

β€œMy son,” God says, β€œA million dollars to me is as a penny.”

β€œHmm,” says the man.

He goes back to praying.

After a little while the man looks up again,…

β€œGod,” he asks, β€œCan I have a penny?”

β€œSure,” God says,…

β€œJust a second.”

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