Funny Joke: A man comes home late after drinking all night, his upset wife greets him in the kitchen

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A man comes home late after drinking all night.

His upset wife greets him in the kitchen.

She says, “You’re drunk, again! I’ve had it with you!”

The man, slurring, says to her, “I’m not drunk.”

The frustrated wife responds, “I can smell the liquor – you are drunk!”

The husband, once again refusing to back down, says, “I’m not drunk, I tell you!”

The wife points at their grandfather clock and says, “Then can you tell the time?!”

The husband looks over intensely at the clock and says, “Of course I can, woman!”

The wife replies with, “Well? Go on.”

The husband stumbles over to the old clock, waves a finger at it, and slurs,

“I’m not drunk.”

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