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Funny Joke: A dog chasing butterflies in the jungle gets lost and enters a clearing with a jaguar

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    A dog is on safari in the jungle with his master.

    While chasing butterflies, as a dog in the jungle is inclined to do, he realizes that he has gotten himself all sorts of lost.

    He wanders into a clearing, and on the other side, he sees a jaguar.

    The jaguar, having never seen a dog before, hesitates, wondering ‘what kind of animal is that?’

    But the dog thinks ‘uh oh! It’s a jaguar!’ and starts running.

    The jaguar gives chase!

    While running, the dog comes across a pile of animal bones and suddenly stops, waiting for the jaguar to catch up.

    Slowly the jaguar approaches, but the dog just waits while it sneaks up on him.

    When the jaguar is very close, the dog says loudly, “Yummy! What a delicious jaguar I just ate!”

    The jaguar looks at the bones, and then at the dog.

    Being uncertain of the dogs prowess, the jaguar slinks away.

    A monkey, who was sitting in a nearby tree, saw the whole thing.

    Wanting to get in good with the Jaguar, the monkey swings down, and tells him that the dog just made a huge fool out of him.

    The jaguar is furious, and with the monkey riding on his back, he begins to run back to where the dog was.

    The dog sees the monkey riding the jaguar, and he knows he’s been exposed.

    The dog wonders what he should do now.

    But rather than run, he turns his back on them, facing the bones, and waits!

    When he hears the jaguar is close enough to pounce, the dog exclaims loudly,

    “Hurry up monkey! I told you to bring me another jaguar to eat an hour ago!”

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