Funny Joke: A blonde woman walks into a bar and demands a beer – the bartender says β€œno”

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A blonde woman walks into a bar and sat down near the front counter.

“Give me a beer,” she said to the bartender.

The bartender, who was cleaning some glasses, looked at her and shook his head.

“Oh come on,” the woman pleaded. “All I want is just one beer!”

“I’m sorry,” the bartender said firmly. “But the answer is no.”

“It’s because I’m a female isn’t it?” snapped the woman as she leapt to her feet.

“Well how dare you sir, I have the mind to report you for being sexist!”

“You being a woman has nothing to do with it?” replied the bartender.

“Then, why won’t you serve me?!” demanded the woman.

“Because,” the bartender said simply,…

“This is a Sushi bar.”

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