A farmhand moves to a new and modern farm  ‣ Jokes Of The Day 

A farmhand moves to a new and modern farm

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So this farmhand from a very small and remote town…


…decides it would be good to go and learn some modern skills on a big, modern farm.


He was raised in a very basic manner.  A lot of modern things like microwaves, refrigerators, etc. were new to him.


When he found a big modern farm he moved there and settled himself in his new room.  This room was so much better than his old room back home.  He had his own shower, which he’d never even seen before.


That is why the first time he took a shower he got confused with the red and blue knobs and burnt his genitals pretty bad.


In a blind panic, screaming in agony, he ran across the farm in search for relief… when he finally found a big barrel of milk, he hung his private parts in the milk barrel to cool off.


After a minute he looked up and saw the farm maid standing beside him with her eyes wide open.


“What? Have you never seen a penis before?”, he asked her.


“Sure”, she said.  I just never knew how they were filled.”

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