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😁 FUNNY JOKES 😁 – She claimed she was a more a passionate lover than his Wife

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    Isabella was a 22-year-old housekeeper from Brazil who was employed by an affluent New York couple. Her salary wasn’t great, and one day she decided to ask her employer for a raise.

    This request seemed to bother her boss, who said, “Isabella, why do you think you deserve a raise?”

    Isabella: “Madam, there are three reasons why I deserve an increase. The first one is that I iron better than you.”

    Boss: “Who told you that you iron better than me?”

    Isabella: “Your husband mentioned it.”

    Boss: “Hmm.”

    Isabella: “The second reason is that I am a superior cook compared to you.”

    Boss: “That’s ridiculous, who claimed you’re a better cook than me?”

    Isabella: “Your husband praised my cooking as well.”

    Boss: “Hmm.”

    Isabella: “The last reason is that I am a more passionate lover than you.”

    Boss (now visibly agitated): “And did my husband make that accusation as well?”

    Isabella: “No madam, the pool boy did.”

    Boss: “Alright then… how much of a raise are we talking about?”

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