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😁 FUNNY JOKES 😁 – A man’s wife goes missing – the next day the Police have disturbing news

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    A man in Alaska reported his wife had gone missing.

    A few days later, a police officer shows up at his door.

    The officer, hat in hand, says, “Sir I have bad news, good news, and great news.”

    Fearing the worst, the man asks for the bad news first.

    “It appears your wife’s car went over the cliff on the side of Charleston Road, we found a broken guardrail that led to finding the car submerged in the ocean. I’m sorry to say she was discovered inside when we found the car.”

    For several moments he was gripped in sorrow.

    Then asked, “Okay, what’s the good news?”

    The cop answered, “When we pulled her from the water, there were three golden king crabs, two blue king crabs, and three snow crabs clinging to her body. Since it was your wife, you have a claim to a portion of the crabs’ monetary value.”

    Stunned, he asked, “What’s the great news?”

    The cop grinned,

    “We’re pulling her back up tomorrow.”

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