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😁 FUNNY JOKES 😁 – A man, his wife and her mother visit the Holy Land – What happens is a shock!

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    So there was this fellow, his better half, and her often-interfering mother, who decided to take the trip of a lifetime to the land of milk and honey, Jerusalem.

    They wanted to see where olives came from and maybe walk on water.

    Unfortunately, while they were getting the grand tour and haggling for souvenirs, the mother-in-law suddenly met her maker.

    Now they’re standing with this undertaker, who has the compassion of a tax collector, and he says, “Listen, buddy, I’ve got a special this week on post-life travel packages.”

    “For $5,000, we can send your mother-in-law on her final flight home, first class.”

    “Or, for the bargain-basement price of $150, she can stay here in the land of biblical fame, and you can visit her grave with a convenient tour bus pass.”

    The son-in-law scratches his chin, mulls it over, and says, “Ship her home, please.”

    The undertaker, who’s seen it all, just can’t wrap his head around it.

    “Sir, I must ask, for my own curiosity and because it’s a slow day, why would you pay the price of a used car to send the lady home when she can rest in peace here for less than the cost of a fancy dinner?”

    The son-in-law leans in and whispers, as if sharing the secret of the century, “Well, here’s the thing. About 2,000 years back, there was this guy who got buried around these parts, and three days later, he pops out of the ground like a jack-in-the-box.”

    With a solemn gaze the man adds,

    “I just can’t risk that happening again!”

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