Man gets an erection in the sauna – Hilariously Funny Adult Joke

A man is sitting naked in the men’s sauna, when suddenly he gets a raging boner. He doesn’t quite know what to do next, so he gets up and yells:

“I need a woman, I need a woman right now!”

Another man in the sauna tells him:

“Well, stop yelling at us, go to the women’s sauna instead!”

The man complies and rushes into the women’s sauna, still yelling and with his member still standing at attention:

“I need a woman, I need a woman right now!”

A woman in the sauna gets angry, stands up, takes a scoop of cold water and throws it at his crotch.

The man instantly loses his erection. He looks down at his johnson and says:

“Oh, so you were just thirsty, you little bastard?”

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