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You can play all kinds of puzzles, card games and contests including poetry and photo contests and much more. Do you like solving tough puzzles and challenging questions? Try some of the stumpers and brain teasers below.

  • Solve Puzzles, Play Games and Win Cash and Prizes We have hundreds of games and tournaments to choose from including solitaire, crossworld puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, free cell, mahjong, minesweeper and more. Thousands of gamers are winning every day so sign up now for free and try it!
  • Photography Contest for $58,000 We are awarding over 250 prizes totaling $58,000 toamateur photographers. The contest is open to everyone and entry is FREE!
  • $68,000 Poetry Contest - Anyone can enter the competition simply by submitting ONLY ONE original poem, 20 lines or less, any subject, any style. All poets who enter will receive a response concerning their artistry within seven weeks.
  • Hundreds of Free Stuff Offers Giveaways, Free Samples, Contests and more!
  • Great puzzle games that will provide hours of brain-twisting puzzle game fun! Play games like word puzzles, jigsaws, word search, IQ tests, crosswords, quizzes, and more.
  • Five excellent game demos that you can download for free! 3D Billiards, 3D Battleship, 3D Puzzles, 3D Pacman and more.
    all kinds of free online word puzzles and free games including daily crossword puzzles and much more.


You can solve online puzzles and play trivia for cash prizes if you think you have the required intelligence. See if you have the grammatical and language skills that you need to succeed.

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